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Thomson BSA lead screws provide the utmost in performance by offering superior product quality, while remaining cost-effective through our lean manufacturing processes. Every Thomson BSA lead screw (a.k.a. power screws or ACME screws) offers outstanding quality:
  • Highly-accurate lead, less than .003 inch variance per foot (precision grade).
  • Precision straightening, with a bend that never exceeds .005 inch per foot on configured lead screws.
  • Corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel lead screws, offering the best combination of mechanical properties for the rolling process: hardness, wear-resistance, malleability, and machinability.
  • Smooth, 12 microinch finish, dramatically reducing the wear on the nut in the lead screw assembly.
Note on power screws. A power screw is a generic term for any kind of screw which transmits dynamic force. Often, a lead screw is referred to as a power screw.

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Manufactured with Excellence
Our lead screws are manufactured through a rolling process, where raw steel is moved through dies. The dies roll and form the steel into the specified lead screw thread. The rolling process creates a much more precise part than machining or cutting the lead screw and is significantly more cost-effective than grinding. Rolling also creates a much smoother finish. The rolling process setup is quickly adapted to almost any thread profile, so special orders and lead screw (power screw) prototypes are much easier to complete.

Thomson BSA also implements a seamless, one-piece flow manufacturing concept. A single lead screw is completed, from raw material to final product, before beginning the next. Itís an extremely responsive process which translates into faster and more accurate lead screw order fulfillment.

In Size and Available
Thomson BSA lead screws (a.k.a. power screws or ACME screws) come in a variety of diameters and leads. Utilizing a two-bin Kanban system with regular sizing review, most lead screw sizes are always in stock. We have unrivaled delivery times, as short as one or two days. Even non-standard lead screw sizes or large orders have the best delivery time in the industry because of our lean manufacturing processes.
  • Lead screws available in diameters from 3/16 inch to 3 inches. We offer a wide range of lead screw diameters depending on your application, from as small as .040 inch for delicate applications like medical treatment, to as large as 3 inch for heavy thrust, such as hoists and cranes moving loads up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Lead and length. Thomson BSA lead screws can be rolled up to 12 feet long, with leads ranging from .012 inch to 2 inches.
  • Metric and inch sizing. Unlike some other companies, Thomson BSA lead screws size both the lead and the diameter according to your specifications. If you order a metric-sized lead, we will manufacture the lead screws with a metric diameter.
  • Acme screws. Thomson BSA offers lead screw assemblies with optimized thread forms, but it can also supply standardized power screw types such as Acme screws. Our acme screws have a widely-accepted standard screw profile, but the square thread does not perform as well with plastic nuts as other lead screw profiles. Thomson BSAís lead screws, with round thread profiles, are better suited for self-lubricating plastic nuts than squared (Acme screws), but Thomson BSA can provide any kind of lead screw you need. Check with a sales representative or with the factory to order Acme screws or lead screws.

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