Thomson BSA Lead Screw Nuts
With a variety of designs from standard thread-mount to superior anti-backlash, Thomson BSA lead screw nuts are cost-efficient without sacrificing accuracy or strength. Our lead screw nuts provide light- and medium-duty functionality which generates less heat and operates more efficiently than other lead screw assemblies while being significantly less expensive and less noisy than ball screws.

Proprietary Technology, Unrivaled Performance: XC Series Lead Screw Nuts
Backlash is a crucial factor affecting lead screw precision. The amount of backlash between lead screws and lead screw nuts can make it difficult to repeat the same movement exactly. As the lead screw and lead screw nut wear over time, the backlash increases, further reducing the repeatability of the lead screw nut. Most anti-backlash lead screw assemblies use spring-biased lead screw nuts to control backlash. This also causes drag torque on the screw, generating heat and requiring more force.

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The XC series of lead screw nuts has the best anti-backlash technology, using a stainless steel cam (ActiveCAM®) to create a solid bias between the nut halves. A torsional spring maintains the tension between the parts, while still having low torque and drag. The ActiveCAM® design results in the stiffest assembly possible using polymer lead screw nuts. Every movement with XC series lead screw nuts is exact and repeatable. This provides a light- and medium-duty anti-backlash screw that rivals ball screws for precision.

  • No backlash
  • Excellent wear and lifetime
  • Low friction and drag torque
  • Self-lubricating plastic nut made from acetal polymer
  • Handles light loads (less than 10 lbs.) to medium loads as heavy as 250 lbs., with an ideal load weight of 10 to 100 lbs.
Supernuts®: Red Series Lead Screw Nuts
Built on 30 years’ of engineering design, Thomson BSA’s trademark red series lead screw nuts are a cost-effective solution for light duty screw sets. These lead screw nuts can be used instead of expensive, heavy-duty-designed ball screws.
  • Standard and anti-backlash designs
  • Less than .010 inch backlash for standard designs
  • Preloaded SuperNut Anti-Backlash (SNAB) design, slightly less stiff than the XC series lead screw nuts, but still providing zero backlash up to the preload weight in the catalog specifications
  • Sizes from 3/16 inch to 1 inch
  • Accurate positioning to .003 inch per foot with Thomson BSA lead screws
  • Low friction
Supernuts®: Flange-Mount MTS Lead Screw Nuts
Thomson BSA’s MTS nut combines simplicity of design with efficiency through the flange mount on the body of the nut. The integrated flange makes MTS lead screw nuts easy to mount, while self-lubricating acetal polymer provides smooth movement with minimal wear.
  • Sizes from 3/16 inch to 3/4 inch
  • Less than .010 inch backlash
  • Accurate positioning to .003 inch per foot with Thomson BSA lead screws
  • Cost effective
  • Low friction

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