Performance and Efficiency: Thomson BSA Ball Screw Series
Ball screw assemblies use small balls to roll between the nut and screw. This creates significantly less friction than lead screws, which increases efficiency consistently over 90% and as high as 98%. Thomson BSA ball screw products provide unparalleled accuracy and performance for two reasons: quality engineering and quality manufacturing. Each ball screw manufactured by Thomson BSA bring you the best performance for a given application:
  • Rolled and ground screws. Some Thomson BSA ball screw assemblies are manufactured with a rolling process, which forms raw steel by forcing it through dies. This is a cost-effective and adaptable manufacturing process. Other Thomson ball screw assemblies are created through grinding, which creates highly accurate leads and thread profiles.

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  • Wide range of available diameters. Diameters of ball screw range from 3/8 inch to 4 inches.
  • Lead and length. The leads for our ball screw assemblies range from .125 inch to 2 inches. The lead accuracies are between .0003 to .010 inch per foot, depending on the series of ball screw.
  • Straightness. Precise straightness of .005 inch per foot on machined parts and .010 inch per foot on cut ball screw parts
  • Metric and inch sizing. All of our ball screw sets can be sized in metric or English systems for both the lead and the diameter according to your specifications.
  • End Journals. All screws can be finished with standard end machining or according to your specified prints.
Thomson BSA has other ball screw options available, so you can find exactly the ball screw that your application requires:
  • Flanges and wiper kits
  • External and internal return tubes
  • Standard and preloaded nut types
  • Single circuit and multiple circuit nut designs
  • Round and square body nut options
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