Application Support When You Need It

Responding dynamically to our customers is part of our culture and our reason for business. Our entire team – engineering, factory, and sales – meets daily to identify and address issues immediately. We complement our customers’ applications with design and engineering experience, tractable manufacturing processes, and excellent ballscrew and lead screw products.

Design and Prototyping Support

Regardless of application or industry, our customers frequently have an engineering situation which requires a specialized ballscrew or lead screw assembly. With over 150 years’ combined expertise and decades of direct design experience, Thomson BSA has the experience to design, draw, and manufacture completely custom ballscrew and lead screw assemblies. We can modify standard ballscrew or lead screw designs according to your specifications, and we add value throughout your development process:

  • Design assistance, based on your application requirements
  • Support for modified and custom ballscrew and lead screw solutions
  • Design drawing creation
  • Manufacturing ballscrew and lead screw assemblies for both prototypes and production orders

Sales and Service:

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Part of our support is derived from the integrated relationship between all parts of our team, from factory manufacturing to engineering to sales. We also have a superbly flexible manufacturing process, which is used for our lead screw and ballscrew assemblies. The rolling process allows the tools to be changed easily for different thread profiles, leads, and designs, while one-piece flow manufacturing – which carries one part through the process at a time – makes it easy to accommodate prototypes and custom designs to identify flaws in the design or manufacturing process.

This combination of manufacturing flexibility and technical expertise allows for rapid lead screw and ballscrew prototyping. We can supply modified designs in as little as one business day. Custom designs are often available within two weeks.

More Products, More Options
Thomson BSA offers a variety of different ballscrew and lead screw options, from high-end, high performance ballscrew assemblies to cost-efficient and dependable lead screw assemblies and self-lubricating nuts. From screws to accessories, Thomson BSA covers it:
  • Non-standard ballscrew or lead screw thread profiles, Acme screws, and custom thread designs
  • Custom-sized ballscrew or lead screw nuts
  • Coating or plating
  • Bearings
  • Flanges
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