Driving Excellence: Danaher Business System
The hallmark of Thomson BSA ball screws and lead screws is precision. We are committed to precision of product, precision of service, and precision of process so that Thomson continues to provide the best, most accurate ball screws and lead screws in the industry and the best experience for our customers.

We achieve this level of performance through kaizen, or continuous improvement. The Danaher Business System (DBS) enables kaizen to be more than a concept; we take concrete steps daily to continuously improve the quality of our lead screws and ball screws for our customers:
  • Regular kaizen events in which a cross-functional team uses a DBS tool to address a particular challenge.
  • Daily production, sales, and inventory (PSI) meetings to review and address new projects, inquiries, customer issues, and planning.
  • Team focus on going to where the action is (gemba) to gain first hand knowledge.
  • Lean manufacturing processes so that we have fast turnaround times, rapid prototyping, and an adaptable factory to accommodate custom orders for lead screws or ball screws.

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Responsiveness is the key. At Thomson BSA, great communication is combined with an outstanding business process. We donít only ďadvocateĒ the Danaher Business System principles; we live them.

Because of this, we depend on hearing from our customers and listening to their needs. From rapid prototypes and consulting on design questions to manufacturing the best lead screws and ball screws in the industry, we work at the speed of your application.

Responsibility: Lean Manufacturing for Ball Screws and Lead Screws
Thomson BSA practices and adapts lean manufacturing prinicples, focusing on fives areas that improve product flow for lead screws and ball screws:
  1. Waste reduction by eliminating activities that donít add value for our customers.
  2. Variation reduction by striving for stable, consistent processes for consistently good ball screws and lead screws.
  3. Flexible manufacturing using a cellular and modular approach that maximizes adaptability.
  4. One-piece flow manufacturing, completing one part at a time to minimize lead time and maximize quality. In addition, this also allows us to quickly identify problem areas in the lead screws and ball screws manufacturing process.
  5. Kanban supply processes, supplementing the one-piece flow to meet required lead times for all customers.
Streamlining our ball screw and lead screw manufacturing processes results in more precise product quality, service, and performance for each customer, every time:
  • Quick lead time, as short as one day for standard orders, both because standard lead screws and ball screws are in stock (kanban) and because one piece flow manufacturing eliminates queue times between manufacturing steps.
  • Superior quality, since any defects in the lead screws or ball screws are detected almost immediately, so the manufacturing process can be remedied.
  • Fast prototypes and custom orders because the manufacturing process itself can be adjusted to produce specialized designs for lead screws and ball screws.
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