Providing Performance with Lead Screws and Ball Screws
Thomson BSA is a leader for ball screws, lead screws (also called power screws), and lead screw nuts for one reason: precision. From manufacturing to design to service, Thomson BSA delivers precision, accuracy, and experience – every time for each lead screw and ball screw.

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  • Smooth-Moving, Cost-Efficient Lead Screws
    With lead accuracy to less than .003 inch per foot, straightness to .005 inch per foot, and a 12-microinch finish, every Thomson BSA lead screw offers precision positioning. Thomson BSA lead screws are made with a rolling process which forms 300 series stainless steel with exceptional accuracy and a smooth finish.
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  • Time-Tested and Expert-Engineered Lead Screw Nuts
    Our XC-series lead screw nuts with ActiveCAM® incorporate a stainless steel cam with an acetal polymer for the ultimate stiffness possible with polymer lead screw nuts. By controlling backlash, ActiveCAM® lead screw nuts make sure that motions are repeatable and accurate. The polymer lead screw nut halves provide excellent smooth movement and have low friction.

    The lead screw Supernuts® series has more than 30 years of engineering behind it, with low friction, low or no backlash, and accurate positioning when used with Thomson lead screws. Supernuts® are available with preloads or standard thread fits in a range of sizes.
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  • High-Quality Ball Screws
    Thomson BSA rapidly configures ball screws according to your specifications. Ball screws provided unequaled precision and smooth motion with 90% efficiency and low friction. Thomson ball screws have a wide variety of design options, like internal or external ball returns, preloaded nuts, and accessories like flanges and wiper kits.
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  • Rapid Prototyping and Design Consulting for Custom Lead Screws and Ball Screws
    Because of our attention to flexible manufacturing and one-piece flow process, we are able to provide incredibly fast prototypes of modified and completely custom lead screws, lead screw nuts and ball screws. Combining skilled manufacturing with over 150 years of experience, we can help you find the ball screws and lead screws (also called power screws) that you depend on for your applications.
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  • Better Listening, Better Service, Better Quality Ball Screws and Lead Screws
    We care about our customers, and every aspect of our business is regularly reviewed and improved to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations. Tight integration between all of our functional groups and a culture that depends on communication means nimble, quick responses to any customer situation.
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